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Plenary Lectures

Mandelpinski Necklaces for Singularly Perturbed Rational Maps
Application of singularity theory to the global dynamics of population models
Different approaches to the global periodicity problem
Homoclinic trajectories of non-autonomous maps
L.A.S. and negative Schwarzian derivative do not imply G.A.S. in Clark's equation
Periodic point free continuous self—maps on graphs and surfaces
Hyperbolicity in dissipative polygonal billiards
Random homeomorphisms of an interval
Translation arcs and Lyapunov stability in two dimensions
Discrete Dynamics and Spectral Theory
The Evolutionary Robustness of Forgiveness and Cooperation
Double Standard Maps
Functional envelopes of dynamical systems — old and new results
Monotone and slowly oscillating wavefronts of the KPP-Fisher differential-difference equation


Global Dynamics for Symmetric Planar Maps
On the Second Order Rational Difference Equation
Initial Condition Problems for Second Order Rational Difference Equations
Nonlinear Volterra difference equations with time delays and their applications
On the structure of Lozi maps kneading curves
P-recursive moment sequences of piecewise D-finite functions and Prony-type algebraic systems
Discrete Dynamics on Grids with Choice
On the Second Order Quadratic Rational Difference Equation
Global bifurcation analysis and applications of a Liénard polynomial system
On the existence of a weighted asymptotically constant solutions of Volterra difference equations of nonconvolution type
Continuous Limit in Dynamics with Choice
W-maps and harmonic averages
On some stochastic competition models
Global Dynamics of Anti-Competitive Systems in the Plane
Study of Velocity Control Algorithm of Vehicle Platoon
Asymptotic behaviour of random tridiagonal Markov chains in biological applications
Emden-Fowler type difference equations of the fourth-order
On Rational Difference Equations with Periodic Coefficients
Efficient synchronization of one-dimensional chaotic quadratic maps coupled without symmetry
On the generating function of the solution of a multidimensional difference equation
Attractivity in Nonautonomous Periodic and Random Difference Equations on Compact Spaces
On periodic solutions of 2—periodic Lyness difference equations
Properties of non-commuting cycles in matrix algebras iteration
Existence, uniqueness and attractivity of prime period two solution for a difference equation of exponential form
Asymptotics for second-order linear q-difference equations
Decoupling and simplifying of difference equations in the neighbourhood of invariant manifold
Chaotic models stabilized by stochastic perturbations with nonzero expectation
Chaos in discrete structured population models
On the dynamics of two exponential type systems of difference equations
Existence of a bounded solution of Volterra difference equations via Darbo's fixed point theorem
Oscillation theory of discrete symplectic systems with nonlinear dependence on the spectral parameter
An answer to some problems on self-similar sets and the open set condition
Transport Equation on Semidiscrete Domains
Dynamical Classification of a family of Birational Maps via Dynamical Degree

Asymptotic Behavior and Periodicity of Difference Equations

New stability conditions for linear delay difference equations
On Poincaré—Perron theorems for systems of linear difference equations
Stability of difference equations with an infinite delay
Admissibility of linear stochastic discrete Volterra operators applied to an affine stochastic convolution equation
Positive and oscillating solutions of discrete linear equations with delay
Asymptotic behavior and oscillation of fourth-order difference equations
Periodic symplectic difference systems
Moving average network examples for asymptotically stable periodic orbits of strongly monotone maps
Utilization of the circulant matrix theory in periodic higher order autonomous difference equations
Asymptotic behavior of nonlinear difference equations
Sharp algebraic periodicity conditions for linear higher order difference equations
Asymptotic formula for solutions of Volterra difference equations with infinite delay
A continuous separation of tipe II. Applications to nonautonomous delay differential equations.
A variant of the Krein-Rutman theorem for Poincaré difference equations
Boundedness Character of solutions, Monotonic Character of solutions and Existence of Periodic Solutions of a Non-Autonomous Rational Difference Equation
A QRT-system of two order one homographic difference equations: conjugation to rotations, periods of periodic solutions, sensitiveness to initial conditions
Averaging theorems for dynamic equations on time scales
Oscillation theorems for second-order nonlinear difference equations of Euler type
Turan-type inequalities and Taylor domination for solutions of linear ODE's

Applications of Difference Equations to Biology

The dynamics of some contest-competition population models with the effect of harvesting and stocking
Geometric methods for global stability in the Ricker competition model
Difference equations arising in evolutionary population dynamics
Allee effect in two interacting species
Global asymptotically stable of a generalized discrete Lotka-Volterra competition system
Local stability implies global stability in the Ricker competition model
Phase as determined by Correlation is irrelevant for Resonance versus Attenuation in the Beverton-Holt model

Complex Dynamics

Rigidity for non-recurrent exponential maps
On the Tongues of a Degree 4 Blashcke Product
Conformal dimension and combinatorial modulus: applications to rational maps
Perturbed Polynomial Maps with Small Perturbation
Convergence of Rational Rays in Hyperbolic Components
Dynamics of different classes of meromorphic functions with a finite set of singular values
Quadratic Mating Discontinuity
On the existence of absorbing domains in Baker domains
Homeomorphisms Between Julia Sets for Rational Maps
Sierpiński curve Julia sets for quadratic rational maps
A family of rational maps with buried Julia components
Dynamic Rays for Transcendental Holomorphic Self-maps of C*
A combinatorial invariant for escape time Sierpinski rational maps
Some results on the size of escaping sets
Regularity and fast escaping points of entire functions
About rigidity
Singular perturbations in the quadratic family
Spiders web escaping sets
Regluing and topological models for quadratic rational functions
Connectivity of Julia sets of meromorphic maps with Baker domains
Some applications of approximation theory to complex dynamics

Chaotic Linear Dynamics

Graph theoretic structure of maps of the Cantor space
Li-Yorke and distributional chaos for linear operators
Distributional chaos for the solutions of certain partial differential equations
Chaotic solution for the Black-Scholes equation
Hypercyclic and topologically mixing properties of certain classes of abstract time-fractional equations
Distributional chaos for operators with full scrambled sets
Extension problem and fractional powers of generators
Chaoticity and invariant measures for two population models

Combinatorial and Topological Dynamics

CTD-01 | Zeta functions and periodic entropy of nonautonomous dynamical systems
Perturbations of autonomous systems and Lyapunov exponents in non-autonomous systems
Iterated function systems on the circle
On the dynamics of Cournot—Puu oligopoly
Snap-back repellers in rational difference equations
On cascades of elliptic periodic points in area-preserving maps with homoclinic tangencies
Dense orbits of flows and maps — misunderstandings and new results
On some properties of discrete dynamical systems on dendrites
Modified Lotka-Volterra maps and their interior periodic points
Average shadowing properties: a few sufficient conditions
Combination of scaling exponents and geometry of the action of renormalization operators
Asymptotic recurrence quantification analysis
Minimal sets and free intervals
On sensitivity and some classes of induced maps

Economic Dynamics and Control

Anosov diffeomorphisms on surfaces
On the convergence to Walrasian prices in random matching Edgeworthian economies
Stability of the Cournot equilibrium for a Cournot oligopoly model with n competitors
An economical model for dumping in a duopoly market
Cournot duopoly games with heterogeneous players
Rational Bubbles and Economic Policy
Strategic optimization in R&D Investment
Resort Pricing and Bankruptcy
Dynamics of Human decisions
Timing structures in economics and games
Neimark-Sacker bifurcation in a discrete-time Goodwin model