A Special Session consists of a group of contributed talks having a common, unified topic related to the general themes of meeting. These sessions offer an excellent opportunity to provide an audience with an in-depth and broad  exposure to  particular topics. Furthermore, a Special Session can present many viewpoints on a specific topic.

Organizers will invite speakers for their special sessions. Long survey or prospective talks can be included in the program. The schedule and chairpersons within special session will be managed by the organizers of the session.

Special sessions, depending on the number of speakers, will be scheduled in one or several parts of consecutive talks of 30 minutes. Each part of a special session will be scheduled in one of the communications slot in the main program. To facilitate the interaction between all participants of a special session, upon availability, all talks will be scheduled in the same room.

The conference organization (unfortunately) cannot provide financial support for participants to special sessions.

Scheduled Special Sessions

Combinatorial and Topological Dynamics (C&TD)
Organizers: Sergii Kolyada and Lubomir Snoha
The special session will be focused on the topological aspects of dynamical systems (chaos, entropy, recurrence, minimality, limit sets, ...) and on the combinatorial dynamics (periodic orbits,rotation sets,...). Nevertheless, related parts of dynamical systems theory and ergodic theory are welcome, too.

Complex Dynamics (CD)
Organizers: Bob Devaney, Núria Fagella and Xavi Jarque

In recent years the horizons of complex dynamics have expanded to include polynomial,rational,entire, and meromorphic dynamics as well as higher dimensional complex analytic systems. The goal of this session is to bring together researchers from all of these different subfields in order to foster interactions between the various subgroups as well as to continue the expansion of the field in diverse directions.

Applications of Difference Equations to Biology (ADEB)
Organizers: Jim Cushing, Saber Elaydi and Jia Li

This session will include talks on the analysis of difference equations that arise in the biosciences and talks on applications of difference equations to biological problems.

Chaotic Linear Dynamics (CLD)
Organizers: Juan P. Bès, Piotr Oprocha and Alfred Peris

During the last decades the field of chaotic dynamics of linear operators on infinite-dimensional spaces has seen a sharp increase in  activity. Having their roots on the phenomenon of topological transitivity, called hypercyclicity in the context of operators on separable F-spaces, many branches emerged in the recent years.
The purpose of the session is to focus on the latest developments in linear dynamics (distributional chaos, existence of ergodic invariant measures, frequent hypercyclicity, applications to linear PDEs, etc.), as well as to review some of the major remaining challenges .

Economic Dynamics and Control (EDC) 
Organizers: Alberto A. Pinto and Athanasios Yannacopoulos

Economic dynamics is an exciting field in dynamical systems. Dynamic phenomena play an important role in understanding the structure and the qualitative and quantitative behavior of economic systems. It is the aim of the special session to bring together experts in dynamical systems and economic theory to present the interplay between these two fields, especially in modern applications related to stochastic dynamics, game theory and its dynamical interpretation, mathematical finance, macroeconomic dynamics, industrial organization, etc. Mathematicians and economics are equally welcome.
Asymptotic Behavior and Periodicity of Difference Equations (AB&P-DE)
Organizers: István Győri and Mihály Pituk
This session will consist of talks on classical topics of the analysis of difference equations such as the growth, boundedness, asymptotic behavior and periodicity of the solutions.