This is the list of all talks listed by alphabetic order (eventually we would link each talk with the correspoding set of slides, if available):

Astorg, Matthieu (Université d'Orléans) Bifurcations in families of polynomial skew products
Baranski, Krzysztof (University of Warsaw) Dynamics of meromorphic maps on invariant Fatou components
Bianchi, Fabrizio (Imperial College / CNRS Lille) Degeneration of quadratic endomorphisms of $P^2 ({\mathbb C})$ towards a H\'enon map
Buff, Xavier (Institute de Mathématiques de Toulouse) Irreductibility in holomorphic dynamics
Burkart, Jack (Stony Brook) Transcendental Julia sets with fractional packing dimension
Chang, Eric (Northwestern University) Alternative Spirals and the Sierpinski Mandelbrot Hydra
Cheraghi, Davoud (Imperial College London) Complex Feigenbaum phenomena of high type
Cheritat, Arnaud (Institute de Mathématiques de Toulouse) Straightening the square
Chen, Tao (CUNY) Dynamics of generalized tangent functions
Christodoulou, Argyrios (Open University) Limit sets of semigroups in discrete groups
Dourekas, Yannis (Open University) A new family of functions without wandering domains
Drach, Kostantin (Jacobs University, Bremen) Rigidity of Newton Dynamics
Espigulé, Bernat (Universitat de Barcelona) Complex trees and their families of connected self-similar sets
Epstein, Adam (Warwick University) On transcendental dynamics
Evdoridou, Vasiliki (Open University) Examples of simply connected wandering domains
Henriksen, Christian (Denmark Technology University, DTU) The dynamics of extremal polynomials
Huguin, Valentin (Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier) Simultaneously preperiodic integers for quadratic polynomials
Gorbovickis, Igors (Jacobs University at Bremen) Critical points of the multiplier map
Guerini, Lorenzo (University of Amsterdam) Random local dynamics
Jacques, Matthew (Open University) Semigroups of hyperbolic isometries and their parameter spaces
Jorba, Àngel (Universitat de Barcelona) Linear skew-products and fractalization
Karpinska, Boguslawa (Technical University of Warsaw) Pressure and conformal measures for transcendental meromorphic maps
Lazebnik, Kirill (CalTech) Some constructions exploring the relationship between wandering domains and singular values in class $\mathcal{B}$
Le, Van Tu (Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier) Fixed points of post-critically algebraic endomorphisms
Lyubich, Misha (Stony Brook) MINICOURSE Renormalization in Complex Dynamics: from quadratic-like to pacmen
Martí-Pete, David (IMPAN) Wandering domains for entire functions of finite order in class $\mathcal{B}$
Mukherjee, Sabyasachi (Stony Brook) Dynamics of Schwarz reflections: mating rational maps with groups
Nicolau, Artur (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Distortion and Distribution of sets under inner functions
Nie, Hongming (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Bounded hyperbolic components of bicritical rational maps
Pardo-Simón, Leticia (University of Liverpool) On a class of transcendental entire functions
Pawelec, Luke (SGH Warsaw School of Economics) Non-autonomous exponential maps: Hausdorff dimension of hair
Peters, Han (University of Amsterdam) MINICOURSE Polynomial maps with wandering Fatou components
Petersen, Carsten (Roskilde University) Holomorphic Explosions and a Picard type Theorem for Holomorphic Motions
Rempe-Guillen, Lasse (University of Liverpool) MINICOURSE Topology of Julia sets of entire functions
Reinke, Bernhard (Jacobs University at Bremen) Modeling Topological Transcendental Map via Iterated Monodromy Groups
Pfrang, David (Jacobs University at Bremen) Hubbard trees for post-singularly finite transcendental entire functions
Reppekus, Josias (Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata") Automorphisms of $\mathbb{C}^{2}$ with multiply connected periodic Fatou components
Roesche, Pascale (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse) MINICOURSE Puzzles for rational maps
Schleicher, Dierk (Jacobs University, Bremen) Rigidity of Newton Dynamics
Shepelevtseva, Anastasia (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa & National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow) Invariant spanning trees for quadratic rational maps
Stallard, Gwyneth (Open University) Classifying simply connected wandering domains
Van Strien, Sebastian (Imperial College) Renormalisation theory for unimodal maps with strong asymmetries
Warren Luke (University of Nottingham) Constructing a new quasiregular mapping of transcendental type in dimension 3
Waterman, Jame (Open University) Iteration in tracts
Yang, Fei (Nanjing University) The high type quadratic Siegel disks are Jordan domains