Dante L. Maranhão

Personal Information

Position: Associate Professor at UFedA
Research Center: Universidade Federal de Alagoas
Location: Maceió (BRAZIL)
Former years: 1991-1995
Dante (Vicência/PE/Brazil, 1958-1997) came to do his doctoral thesis in our group from 1992 to 1995.  He was interested in Celestial Mechanics and Hildeberto Cabral from the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco introduced him to us. He did a Ph.D. under the direction of Jaume Llibre, where he studied the dynamics of a restricted four body problem. During the period that he was in our university, he developed an excellent social activity. In particular he was the singer of a musical group specialized in Brazilian songs. Later on he go back to Brasil and obtained a permanent position at the Universidade Federal de Alagoas in Maceió. Unfortunately few years after he passed away in a car accident.