ICDSDEA 2010 (Session): Holomorphic Dynamics in the Complex Plane and Higher Dimensions [ Back ]

25.05.10 - 28.05.10
Dresden, Germany
R. L. Devaney, X Jarque and J. Kotus
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The 8th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications


This special session (Session 51) will feature talks about complex dynamical systems in one dimension - polynomial dynamics, rational dynamics, and transcendental dynamics - as well as higher dimensional systems and holomorphic vector fields.



  • Daniel M Look "Checkerboard Julia Sets"
  • Kealey Dias "Parameter Space of Degree $d$ Complex Polynomial Vector Fields in $\mathbb{C}$"
  • Bodil Branner "The Structure Theorem of Degree $d$ Complex Polynomial Vector Fields in $\mathbb{C}$"
  • Clinton P Curry "Condense Wandering Triangles"
  • Monica Moreno~Rocha "A combinatorial description of Sierpinski Julia sets"
  • Robert L Devaney "Julia sets converging to filled Julia sets of $z^2 + c$"
  • Anna M Benini "A taste of Transcendental Dynamics"
  • Helena Mihaljevic-Brandt "Linearizers of entire functions I"
  • Krzysztof Baranski "Hausdorff dimension of the Sierpinski Julia sets"
  • Jorn Peter "Linearizers of entire functions II"
  • Tania Garfias-Macedo "Perturbing Baker domains into attracting basins"
  • Elizabeth D Russell "Complex Dynamics and Symbolic Dynamics"
  • John C Mayer "Buried points in Julia sets"
  • Antonio Garijo "Singular Perturbations in the Quadratic Family with Multiple Poles"
  • Nuria Fagella "Configurations of Herman rings for meromorphic transcendental functions"
  • Boguslawa Karpinska "Thermodynamic formalism for some meromorphic maps"
  • Paul Blanchard "Checkerboard Julia Sets II"
  • Arnaud Cheritat "Two theorems of Herman on Siegel disks"
  • Pascale Roesch "Periodic slices in parameter space, focus on hyperbolic components"
  • Xavier Jarque "Sierpinski curve Julia sets in rational maps of degree two"
  • Lasse Rempe "Density of Hyperbolicity in Spaces of Real Transcendental Entire Functions"
  • Magnus Aspenberg "Mating cubic polynomials"
  • Linda Keen "Generalized Riley Slices"