ICDSDEA 2010 (Session): Topological Dynamics [ Back ]

25.05.10 - 28.05.10
Dresden, Germany
P. Oprocha, F. Balibrea, V. Jimenez and Ll. Alsedà
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The 8th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications


This session (Session 20) is focused in the topological aspects of dynamical systems (entropy, chaos, limit sets and the like), mainly in the setting of low dimensional discrete dynamics. Nevertheless, related parts of dynamical systems theory and ergodic theory are not excluded.



  • Henk Bruin "Combinatorics of quadrtic Julia sets, admissibility, biaccessibility and Hausdorff dimension"
  • Jozef Bobok "Code and order equivalence in polygonal billiards"
  • Petr Kurka "Dynamics of iterative systems"
  • Sonja Stimac "On Ingram's Conjecture"
  • Jiri Kupka "On the topological entropy of fuzzified discrete dynamical systems"
  • Andrew D Barwell "Chain transitivity, $\omega$-limit sets and symbolic dynamics"
  • Alfred Peris "Distributional chaos and completely irregular operators"
  • Jan M Kwiatkowski "Finite Rank Bratteli Diagrams and their Invariant Measures"
  • Artur Siemaszko "$\omega$-limit sets in cylindrical transformations over odometes"
  • Marek Lampart "Topological entropy for set valued maps"
  • Judy A Kennedy "Pseudoarcs and generalized inverse limits"
  • Marta Stefankova "Distributional chaos and the size of scrambled sets"
  • Krystyna M Kuperberg "An example of a volume preserving flow"
  • Jaroslav Smital "Distributional chaos on compact metric spaces - recent results and open problems"
  • Jose S Cánovas "On the relationship between the asymptotic behavior of a convergent non--autonomous system and its limit map"
  • Pawel Wilczynski "Distributional chaos in planar nonautonomous ODEs"
  • Roman Hric "On almost totally disconnected minimal systems"
  • William R Ott "Recurrence in pairs"
  • Issam Naghmouchi "On Li-Yorke pairs for graph, dendrite and dendroid map"