Equadiff 2011 (Minisymposium): Limit Cycles of Differential Equations: [ Back ]

01.08.11 - 05.08.11
Loughborough, UK
M. Caubergh and M. Grau
Web Site:
http:// www.lboro.ac.uk/equadiff



This mini-symposium deals with the study of limit cycles, which are isolated periodic orbits, of a continuous differential system. Our aim is to present high-valued scientific contributions to this and related topics such as bifurcations of limit cycles, weak 16th Hilbert problem, algebraic theory of integrability (theory of Darboux), the center-focus problem, isochronous centers, reversibility, nilpotent and degenerate systems, Lie symmetries, inverse integrating factor, etc. We will focus on interesting new developments on these classical problems and their interconnections.

Speakers & Talks

  • Waleed Aziz, Local integrability of three dimensional Lotka-Volterra systems.
  • Adriana Buica, Persistence of equilibria as periodic solutions of forced systems.
  • Magdalena Caubergh, Hilbert’s 16th Problem, large amplitude and alien limit cycles.
  • Colin Christopher, The tangential centre-focus problem for Darboux centres.
  • Attila Dénes, Eventual stability properties of a non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra equation.
  • Antoni Ferragut, Remarkable values of Darboux first integrals: The infinity and the inverse integrating factor.
  • Yulij Ilyashenko, Some new types of attractors.
  • Chara Pantazi, Darboux theory of integrability for non-autonomous systems.
  • Goran Radunovic, Fractal analysis of Hopf bifurcation at infinity.
  • Salomón Rebollo Perdomo, Limit cycles of some perturbations of linear centre.
  • Maja Resman, Connections between box dimension and cyclicity for planar systems.
  • Ilya Schurov, Polynomial growth of cyclicity for elementary polycycles and Hilbert-Arnold problem.