1st joint meeting Brazil-Spain in Mathematics (Session): Piecewise Smooth Differential Systems [ Back ]

07.12.15 - 10.12.15
Fortaleza, Brazil
Claudio Buzzi (UNESP), Armengol Gasull (UAB), Marco A. Teixeira (UNICAMP), Joan Torregrosa (UAB)
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  • Claudio Aguinaldo Buzzi (IBILCE-UNESP) "Chaotic planar piecewise smooth vector fields with non trivial minimal sets" [Slides]
  • Victoriano Carmona Centeno (Universidad de Sevilla) "Poincaré half-maps in planar linear systems via inverse integrating factors" [Slides]
  • Armengol Gasul (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) "Effective localization of limit cycles" [Slides]
  • Maurício F. S. Lima (UFABC) "Periodic orbits and sliding bifurcation in discontinuous dry friction oscillator" [Slides]
  • João Carlos Medrado (UFG) "On the number of limit cycles for sewing piecewise linear systems on the R^3" [Slides]
  • Douglas D. Novaes (Universidade de Campinas) "Persistence of periodic solutions in nonsmooth systems" [Slides]
  • Enrique Ponce (Universidad de Sevilla) "Revisiting the focus-fold singularity in planar Filippov systems" [Slides]
  • Marco Antonio Teixeira (IMECC-UNICAMP) "Generic two parameter families of planar Filippov systems" [Slides]
  • Joan Torregrosa (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) "Center, weak-focus and ciclicity problems for planar systems with few monomials" [Slides]
  • Francisco Torres (Universidad de Sevilla) "Resonance phenomena in homogeneous piecewise-linear area-preserving maps" [Slides]