Dynamics of Transcendental Maps [ Back ]

19.04.21 - 23.04.21
Bellaterra, Spain
N. Fagella, A. Garijo, X. Jarque, and B. Karpinska
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The workshop focusses on iteration of functions in the complex plane in the presence of essential singularities. Many problems specific for these types of maps have recieved a lot of atention in the last few years. Namely the existence of different types of wandering domains and their classification in terms of their internal dynamics; the relation of Baker and wandering domains with the singularities of the inverse functions; the topology of the escaping set and the Julia set (local connectivity, Eremenko’s conjecture, etc). The workshop will also emphasize the varied tools from analysis and topology which are involved and developed motivated by these questions.



Krzysztof Baranski (University of Warsaw)
Anna Miriam Benini (University of Parma)
Walter Bergweiler (University of Kiel)
Christopher Bishop (Stony Brook University)
Vasiliki Evdoridou  (Open University
Boguslawa Karpinska (Warsaw University of Technology)
Kirill Lazebnik (CalThech University)
David Martí-Pete (IMPAN)
Daniel Nicks (Nottingham University)
Lasse Rempe (University of Liverpool)
Phil Rippon (Open University)
Juan Rivera (University of Rochester)
Mitsuhiro Shishikura (Kyoto University)
Gwyneth Stallard (Open University)

This Workshop is part of the Intensive Research Program LOW DIMENSIONAL DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica from February to April 2020. The remaining activities will be scheduled for April 2021.