Topological and Combinatorial Dynamics [ Back ]

06.04.21 - 09.04.21
Bellaterra, Spain
D. Juher, J. Los, and D. Romero
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This workshop is intended to be a great opportunity to meet old and new colleagues working on the field of Topological and Combinatorial Dynamics, in a relaxed and exciting atmosphere of scientific collaboration and interchanging of ideas. The combination of both plenary and short talks / posters may allow young and senior researchers to expose recent developments and establish fruitful discussions. The generic topics to be discussed include (but are not restricted to):  

* Topological dynamics

* Combinatorial dynamics
* Quasiperiodically forced systems
* Ergodic theory

The workshop is dedicated to the memory of our friend Pere Mumbrú i Rodríguez (1955-2005), sadly deceased 15 years ago in the fullness of his career.



Jozef Bobok (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Kristian Bjerklov (TH Royal Institute of Technology)
Henk Bruin (University of Vienna)
Tobias Jäger (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
Àngel Jorba (Universitat de Barcelona)
Dominik Kwietniak (Jagiellonian University in Kraków)
Jérôme Los (Aix Marseille Université)
Michal Misiurewicz (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis)
Piotr Oprocha (AGH University of Science and Technology)
Lubomir Snoha (Matej Bel University)
Joan Carles Tatjer (Universitat de Barcelona)

This Workshop is part of the Intensive Research Program LOW DIMENSIONAL DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica from February to April 2020. The remaining activities has been postponed to April 2021.