Next International online Seminars of GSDUAB

Categories: GSDUAB Online Seminar

19.04.21   Finding polynomial roots using complex analysis, dynamical systems, computer algebraOnline seminarDierk Schleicher
26.04.21   Zeros and surjectivity of continuous mappings in $\mathbb{R}^n$Online seminarJean Mawhin
03.05.21   Planar saddle points and formal Gevrey seriesOnline seminarPatrick Bonckaert
10.05.21   Four bifurcations and a global stability result in a family of delay differential equationsOnline seminarEduardo Liz
17.05.21   TBAOnline seminarMarco Sabatini
24.05.21   No seminar (Holiday at the university)  
31.05.21   TBAOnline seminarJaume llibre
31.05.21   TBAOnline seminarYulij S. Ilyashenko
31.05.21   Flexibility of entropies for piecewise expanding unimodal mapsOnline seminarMichal Misiurewicz