Past International online Seminars of GSDUAB

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19.04.21   Finding polynomial roots using complex analysis, dynamical systems, computer algebraOnline seminarDierk Schleicher
12.04.21   Jacobian conjecture in $\mathbb R^2$Online seminarXiang Zhang
05.04.21   No seminar (Holiday at the university)  
29.03.21   No seminar (Holiday at the university)  
22.03.21   Ulam-Hyers stability and exponentially dichotomic evolution equations in Banach spacesOnline seminarAdriana Buică
15.03.21   Characteristic curves of (quasi-)homogeneous vector fields Online seminarSebastian Walcher
08.03.21   Bendixson Conditions for Differential Equations in a Banach SpaceOnline seminarJames Muldowney
01.03.21   Some results of limit cycles in Lienard systems and applications Online seminarYilei Tang
22.02.21   Generating non-trivial limit cycles in Abel equationsOnline seminarJosé Luis Bravo
15.02.21   On the computational complexity of Julia sets in the exponential familyOnline seminarDavid Martí-Pete
08.02.21   Integrability and linearizability for some families of three dimensional quadratic systemsOnline seminarChara Pantazi
01.02.21   Sliding Shilnikov dynamics in non-smooth systems and applicationsOnline seminarDouglas Duarte Novaes
25.01.21   Non existence of small amplitude breathers for the reversible Klein-Gordon equationOnline seminarTere M. Seara
18.01.21    Versal regularization of vector fields with cross type discontinuitiesOnline seminarDaniel Panazzolo
11.01.21   Pulse replication and accumulation of eigenvaluesOnline seminarJens Rademacher
21.12.20   New results on the dynamics of the steady Euler flowsOnline seminarDaniel Peralta-Salas
14.12.20   A tour around Central ConfigurationsOnline seminarJosep Maria Cors
30.11.20   Recent contributions and some open questions in the qualitative behaviour of certain generalized Liénard equationsOnline seminarGabriele Villari
23.11.20   Bifurcation in the presence of noiseOnline seminarJeroen S.W. Lamb
16.11.20   Searching for the seeds of chaosOnline seminarSantiago Ibáñez
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