Publications To Appear:

E. I. Abouelmagd, J. L. G. Guirao, J. Llibre.
The dynamics of the relativistic Kepler problem.
To appear in Results in Physics.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

B. Campos, J. Canela, A. Garijo, P. Vindel.
Dynamics of a family of rational operators of arbitrary degree.
To appear in Math. Model. Anal.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

A. Cima, A. Gasull, V. Mañosa.
Phase portraits of random planar homogeneous vector fields.
To appear in Qual. Theory Dyn. Syst.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

E. Diz Pita, J. Llibre, M. V. Otero Espinar, C. Valls.
The zero-Hopf bifurcations in the Kolmogorov systems of degree 3 in $R^3$.
To appear in Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul.

D. Djedid, J. Llibre, A. Makhlouf.
4-Dimensional zero Hopf bifurcation of quadratic polynomial differential systems, via averaging theory.
To appear in J. Appl. Anal.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

D. Djedid, J. Llibre, A. Makhlouf.
Periodic orbits bifurcating from a Hopf equilibrium of 2-dimensional polynomial Kolmogorov systems of arbitrary degree.
To appear in Chaos Solitons Fractals.

A. Gasull.   NEW 2020-09-21
Polinomios estables.
To appear in Gac. R. Soc. Mat. Esp.

A. Gasull.
To appear in Butl. Soc. Catalana Mat.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

J. Llibre, A. Murza.
Polynomial vector fields on the Clifford torus.
To appear in Internat. J. Bifur. Chaos Appl. Sci. Engrg.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

J. Llibre, C. Pantazi.
Qualitative study of a model with Rastall gravity.
To appear in Classical Quantum Gravity.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

J. Llibre, R. A. T. Santos.
Limit cycles of discontinuous piecewise linear differential systems with two zones separated by a parabola.
To appear in Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. B.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

J. Llibre, C. Valls.
Weierstrass integrability of complex differential equations.
To appear in Acta Math. Sinica (N.S.).
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

J. Llibre, X. Zhang.
A survey on algebraic and explicit non-algebraic limit cycles in planar differential systems.
To appear in Exposition. Math.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

P. Mardesic, D. Marín, J. Villadelprat.
Bifurcations of zeros in translated families of functions and applications.
To appear in J. Dyn. Control Syst.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

D. Marín, J. Villadelprat.
Asymptotic expansion of the Dulac map and time for unfoldings of hyperbolic saddles: general setting.
To appear in J. Differential Equations.
 [Preprint] [Abstract]

Q. Zaldo-Aubanell, I. Serra, J. Sardanyés, Ll. Alsedà, R. Maneja.   NEW 2020-12-22
Reviewing the reliability of Land Use and Land Cover Data in studies relating human health to the environment.
To appear in Environmental Research.