• Limit cycles of small amplitude in polynomial and piecewise polynomial planar vector fields

    Author: Gouveia, Luiz Fernando

    Advisor: Torregrosa, Joan

    Date: 14-01-2020

  • Qualitative theory of differential equations in the plane and in the space, with emphasis on the center-focus problem and on the Lotka-Volterra systems

    Author: Ramirez, Valentin

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume

    Date: 26-11-2019

  • On classical results for discontinuous and constrained differential systems

    Author: de Almeida Silva Menezes, Lucyjane

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume, Medrado, Joao C.

    Date: 27-08-2019

  • Mathematical Modelling of Pathogen Specialisation

    Author: Nurtay, Anel

    Advisor: Alsedà, Lluís, Elena Fito, Santiago F.

    Date: 20-02-2019

  • Topological Attractors Of Quasi-periodically Forced One-dimensional Maps

    Author: Dong, Zhaoyang

    Advisor: Alsedà, Lluís

    Date: 29-01-2019

  • Bifurcations of limit cycles in planar differential and piecewise differential systems

    Author: da Cruz, Leonardo P. C.

    Advisor: Torregrosa, Joan

    Date: 11-10-2018

  • New Results in Averaging Theory and its Applications

    Author: Cândido, Murilo R,

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume

    Date: 17-07-2018

  • Central configurations of five bodies in the plane

    Author: Cornelio, José Lino

    Advisor: Alvarez, Martha, Cors, Josep Maria

    Date: 06-07-2018

  • Dynamics of polynomial and rational differential equations with emphasis in the Hamiltonian centers, rational potential, limits cycles and homogeneous systems

    Author: Martínez, Yohanna P.

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume, Vidal, Claudio

    Date: 15-03-2018

  • Estudi de la dinàmica d'algunes aplicacions al pla

    Author: Llorens, Mireia

    Advisor: Gasull, Armengol, Mañosa, Víctor

    Date: 09-10-2017

  • Periodic Orbits of Differential Systems via the Averaging Theory with Special Emphasis on Hamiltonian Systems

    Author: Lembarki, Fatima E.

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume

    Date: 16-12-2016

  • Analytical Tools to Study the Criticality at the Outer Boundary of Potential Centers

    Author: Rojas, David

    Advisor: Mañosas, Francesc, Villadelprat, Jordi

    Date: 11-07-2016

  • Numerical Computation of Invariant Objects with Wavelets

    Author: Romero, David

    Advisor: Alsedà, Lluís

    Date: 05-11-2015

  • Uniform Isochronous Centers of Degrees 3 and 4 and their Perturbations

    Author: Itikawa, Jackson

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume

    Date: 22-07-2015

  • Regularization and mininum sets for nonsmooth dynamical systems

    Author: Novaes, Douglas D.

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume, Teixeira, Marco Antonio

    Date: 06-07-2015

  • On a family of degree 4 Blaschke products

    Author: Canela, Jordi

    Advisor: Fagella, Núria, Garijo, Antoni

    Date: 18-03-2015

  • Hamiltonian linear type centers and nilpotent centers of linear plus cubic polynomial vector fields

    Author: Colak, Ilker

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume, Valls, Claudia

    Date: 10-10-2014

  • The geometry of some tridimensional families of planar quadratic differential systems

    Author: Rezende, Alex C.

    Advisor: Artés, Joan Carles, Oliveira, Regilene

    Date: 22-09-2014

  • Dynamical Classification of Some Birational Maps of $C^2$

    Author: Zafar, Sundus

    Advisor: Cima, Anna

    Date: 14-07-2014

  • A qualitative and quantitative study of some planar differential equations

    Author: Garcia, Johanna D.

    Advisor: Gasull, Armengol

    Date: 25-04-2014

  • Entire transcendental maps with two singular values

    Author: Deniz, Asli

    Advisor: Fagella, Núria, Petersen, Carsten

    Date: 19-08-2013

  • Generalizaciones de la Teoría de Integrabilidad de Darboux para Campos de Vectores Polinomiales

    Author: Bolaños, Yudy M.

    Advisor: Llibre, Jaume, Valls, Clàudia

    Date: 22-07-2013

  • On the number of limit cycles for some families of planar differential equations.

    Author: Pérez-González, Set

    Advisor: Torregrosa, Joan

    Date: 26-09-2012

  • Connectivity of Julia sets of transcendental meromorphic functions

    Author: Taixés, Jordi

    Advisor: Fagella, Núria, Jarque, Xavier

    Date: 22-09-2011

  • Study of a class of skew-products defined on the cylinder

    Author: Costa, Sara

    Advisor: Alsedà, Lluís

    Date: 09-07-2009

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